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About Us

BIO RESTORATIONS is a family wellness based natural health clinic.

At our location you will find a comfortable, home like setting which includes a small organic grocer and dispensary featuring: certified organic produce, free range, chemical/hormone/anti-biotic free organically farm raised meats, bulk organic baking supplies, wheat-free/gluten free breads, organic cereals, organic juices and grain beverages, dried fruits and nuts, all natural, mineral cosmetics and skin care products, environmentally cleaners and professional health products and homeopathic remedies.

You will find literature regarding Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Eat Right For Your Type Diet, as well as, cookbooks for allergy sufferers. Our family follows this regime and have been for the past 10 years with great health success. We offer support and guidance if you have questions or concerns regarding this alternative way of living and eating.

Also we have a natural health clinic in which the doctor helps you heal bringing you to your optimal health.
In our clinic we use techniques such as: ph testing, blood type diets, gentle chiropractic care, nervous system correction, Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) testing, Total Body Modification Technique (TBM), and ionic detox footbath's.

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