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I noticed improved energy levels within a few days of taking the supplement.   Prior to doing this I had been checking my temperature orally throughout the day between 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.   It is supposed to be 98.6 or higher for your thyroid to be working properly.  Mine was always in the 97 range.  After taking the supplements it increased to 98.6 or higher.  The biggest bonus for me was weight loss of 5 lbs within a 2 week period.  I wasn’t dieting and in fact had been eating more fattening food during this time.  The weight that had settled all around my midsection is starting to come off.  I have been on the supplement for about a month now and have lost a total of 7 lbs.  Still haven’t been dieting but am happy to say my middle is smaller and I feel more energized!!


I have been seeing Dr. Wade now for almost two years.  When I first started to go, I was unsure of what to expect.  My first consultation was incredible.  I don’t recall my own physician ever spending that much time and detail getting to know me, my history, and my health goals.

I have learned so much over the course of the last couple of years and feel so much better.  I appreciate the holistic approach that they, Wade and Aurora, take to your overall health and well being.  There is nothing that is too trivial to have an impact on your health and Dr. Wade genuinely cares about his patients.

I am 50 years old now and can remember having migraine headaches as far back as Grade 1.   Relief came in the form of much medication and / or vomiting.  By the time I was in my late 20’s, I was taking medication for migraines almost daily.  There was never any real investigations done for me, so I simply resolved myself to this and carried on, pills and all.

During my treatments with Dr. Wade and many discussions with Aurora, we started to talk about my blood type and what I should and shouldn’t be eating.  Long, long story short, I eliminated dairy from my diet.  I didn’t eliminate it without a fight though.  I have had a life long love affair with milk and couldn’t see myself ever giving that up.  I did not want to consider that all those years of suffering could be brought down to something as simple as milk. 

I finally made the break full on and have been migraine free since then.  I have more energy than I have had before, and just generally feel better.  I would definitely recommend seeing Dr. Wade if you have any health issues.  It’s not just about the back.  It’s the whole package.


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